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Machine control is used to accurately position machinery based on GNSS systems and 3D design models. Several machine control systems use the Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) to improve positioning accuracy for streamlining the different construction site workflows. They are available for various machines, for example, pavers, graders, excavators, soil and asphalt compactors, trimmers, forest machines, tractors and milling machines. Machine control systems aid the operator and improve efficiency and safety. 

Many benefits of machine control


Better efficiency and productivity 


Improved worksite safety: anti-collision 

Time savings

Time saving – Doing the job right the first time


Higher accuracy 



Ease of scalability 

Lower costs

Lower surveying cost 

Cost reduction

Reduction of overall costs 

Machine's current position is determined and then compared to the position with a desired design surface. The difference is then displayed to the operator, who can then easily determine what is required to create the needed design. Machine control systems can provide a visual guide to the position of the blade for its operator, for instance, or they can automatically move the blade to grade by instructing the machine’s hydraulics.  

While machine control improves the quality of work, it also increases work site safety by ensuring that the machines are in total control and they do not collide. Machine control also increases job satisfaction, because it lessens the need for rework – everything is done correctly the first time. There are, of course, also environmental benefits, such as longer machine lifecycle and lesser fuel consumption and thus, reduced CO2 emissions. Machine control makes the work more accurate, which, for instance, in smart farming means less overlap and waste and optimal use of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

The solution: SATEL’s radio technology

SATEL’s radio technology is used worldwide in machine control. Our technology is perfect for mission-critical operations. It is a safe way to ensure availability even in areas with limited coverage or no coverage at all. 

Why use SATEL in machine control applications

Own network available 
  • Fixed capacity 
  • Extreme areas 
  • All the time 
  • Professional design & high-quality components 
  • 100% data transmission tested equipment 
  • 3 years’ warranty / Mean time between failures > 30 years 
Flexibility in hardware design 
  • Several frequency bands (403 ... 473, 865 … 867, 868 … 870, 902…928 MHz)
  • Software selectable channel width (12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz)
  • Equal footprint for different variants (400 / 800 / 900 MHz)
  • Network design 
  • Technical support 
  • Training 
  • Short delivery times 
  • Accurate quantities 
Radio compatibility and modulations 
  • GMSK
  • FSK modulations (4FSK / 8FSK / 16FSK) 

Examples of applications that benefit from SATEL’s radio technology

Smart farming

Smart farming 



Field Metering

Surveying / Field metering



Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles

Emergency stop

Emergency stop





Machine to machine

Machine to machine

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