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06 Jun

Reliable communications play a crucial role in shortening power cuts

Take a moment and imagine this: a wide 12-hour power cut in a large city. Complete chaos. What is the…

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25 Apr

Aiming to the best practice

The Remote Controlled Target Boat (RCTB) is used as a realistic target in naval gunnery training, weapons testing and ship…

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28 Mar

Machine control improves safety and efficiency

Machine control is used to accurately position machinery based on GNSS systems and 3D design models. These systems aid the…

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26 Mar

When going gets icy, you need to know it 

Wind turbines especially in northern coastal regions have a problem: ice formation. Icy weather conditions impede wind turbine service reliability,…

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26 Mar

Digitizing and automating infrastructure construction

Novatron develops, manufactures and delivers machine control systems to earth moving machinery with over 25 years of experience. Their clients include…

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26 Mar

New SATEL XPRS Optimum IP radio router

The new SATEL XPRS Optimum IP radio router works as a cost-efficient core for the SATEL XPRS solution. It enables secure, reliable and private UHF wireless…

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22 Feb

A simple solution for I/O and serial communications

The SATEL-LP product family is an easy, reliable and cost-effective solution for simple I/O and serial communications. It is well-suited for various monitoring and remote-control applications, for example, in cement industry,…

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21 Jan

SATEL at The Network 2019 trade fair in Tampere, Finland

The Network 2019 trade fair will gather professionals of the network business to Tampere Finland on 23–24 January. The trade…

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15 Jan

New products with top features

  SATEL-TR49 is the first radio module in SATEL GO product family with new revolutionary features. This dual band and…

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09 Nov

The autumn has been full of interesting fairs

It has been a busy autumn for us at SATEL. In September we were at Innotrans in Berlin and in…

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28 Jun

Electricity network modernized with the SATEL XPRS solution

A Finnish electricity company Tornionlaakson Sähkö Oy is one of the central electrical companies in Northern Finland. The wanted to…

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09 Feb

Taking IoT to the next level

We at SATEL are a part of SuperIoT, a Finland-based IoT alliance and development program. The idea behind it is…

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