26th Jan 2022

SATEL Makes Record Year in 2021, while celebrating 35th anniversary

Accelerating adoption of ultra-reliable communications technology, as well as industry partnerships, drives revenue growth.

Satel is at the forefront of enabling mission-critical connectivity and industrial autonomy through its cutting-edge RF technology that is relied on by the precision positioning and machine communications ecosystem, amongst other demanding industries.

Satel’s 2021 key milestones include:

  • Revenue growth by over 25% through a mix of new customer wins and supporting existing customers with their expansion.
  • Cemented partnerships with leading players in the precision positioning and machine communications industry, to become their primary supplier of ultra-reliable connectivity modules.
  • Broad progress in Intelligent Traffic Systems, Environmental monitoring and many other industries resulting from long-term co-operation with the trusted Value-Added Distribution Partners.
  • Introduced a new family of multi-technology products and working hand-in glove with leading customers to develop them further to enable the future with semi-autonomous and fully autonomous industrial vehicles.
  • Resulting in entering 2022 with a record backlog of orders.

“Our significant growth and expansion in the midst of a global pandemic underscores the investments we have made in our product development, our supply chains and our partners that have helped our customers continue to meet end demand despite the supply chain disruptions.” said Markus Kantola, Satel’s Chief Executive Officer.

“In addition, we’re helping them prepare for an entirely new and different future of semi-autonomous and fully autonomous operations enabled by mission-critical machine communications.”

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