29th Nov 2023

New SATEL-EASy+ product family: enhanced serial radios

SATEL is the world’s leading expert and innovator in wireless networking technology, driven by continuous development. Our radio technology provides secure, mission-critical connections through accurate real-time data transfer. Members of the new SATEL-EASy+ product family are no exception, but they have some exceptionally cool new features. 

SATEL-EASy+ for secure, private radio networks

SATEL-EASy+ product family has higher data rates on serial- and air interfaces compared to previous models. It is compatible with many other SATEL products, and it also offers compatibility support with legacy SATELLINE-3AS NMS product family. New serial radios have several improved features such as: cyber security via AES128/256 air interface encryption, RF signal strength measurement accuracy, tolerance for vibration and radio interface interference, and serial interface connection options (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, data/NMS).

Read more about SATEL-EASy+ and available models: 
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