2nd Sep 2021

SATEL participates in NGMining project

SATEL Oy is a participant in VTT´s, Nokia´s and Sandvik´s Next Generation Mining project. The project aims at developing solutions for digitizing mining based on industrial 5G private networks as well as edge computing and artificial intelligence technologies. The project will build test systems to evaluate integrated telecommunications solutions that are tested in a demanding underground mining environment. At the heart is the idea of enabling safe, sustainable and productive use of autonomous and networked vehicles underground.

Solving challenges

Challenges identified in the mining environment include the underground environment itself, understanding the signal behavior there, and the design requirements for the underground telecommunications network for bandwidth, frequency range, delay, reliability, and scalability.

Underground 5G technology is studied because real-time data transfer is important for fast operation and safety.

From definitions to practice

The project will start with the definition of use cases and the evaluation of selected solutions in a 4G / 5G test and trial environment. This will be followed by pilot implementations of the most value-added solutions in customer mines

The two-year NGMining project was launched in May 2021. The financier is Business Finland.

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