Privacy Policy:
Contact and visitor analysis

Contact and visitor analysis

This Internet form is intended for receiving contact requests from Satel Oy’s stakeholders. The information provided on the contact form is stored to allow the requested contact. Additionally, the site has anonymous visitor tracking.

Date of issue: 15th of May 2018
Updated 13th of March 2024


Satel Oy, VAT FI16481159


Meriniitynkatu 17

24100 SALO


Switch board: +358 2 7777 800

Connections in registry matters:

info (at)

Registry name:

Satel Oy / Contact and visitor analysis

Purpose of processing personal data (purpose of registration):

The purpose is to provide an opportunity to ask questions or make a contact request to Satel Oy. The person is asked for the contact information for processing the request. The information provided may be transferred to Satel Oy’s customer register at the discretion of the controller where it will be completely deleted when no longer needed.

Data content of the register:

Information content of the contact register: Name, company name and contact information

Regular sources of information

The person requesting the contact will provide personal data

Regular disclosure of data and transfer of data outside the EU or the European Economic Area

Satel Oy can disclosure the information contained in its register to significant third parties when it is needed. In principle data is not transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

Principle of registry protection

Manual Material: Electronic communication is only printed when needed. Paper outputs are destroyed immediately after handling. Electronic data: Contact requests will be sent to Satel Oy by e-mail. The right of reading, sending and deleting messages received by e-mail are restricted to persons whose work is subject to processing. Forms and the site is encrypted by SSL –encryption.

Right of inspection and enforcement of the right of inspection:

The person who has completed the contact form has the right to check the information entered in the customer register, to claim for incorrect information correction, and otherwise to resort to the  rights guaranteed in the Personal Data Act. A written request for verification and correction of information should be addressed to the person responsible for the register. Registered person must to prove the identity and to sign the request.

Cookies and site usage statistics:

This site uses cookies. Cookies are information describing the use of the internet service, which are stored for example on a user’s computer and which can be used to control the communication between the internet browser and the server. The user may, if desired, block the use of cookies by changing their browser settings. The use of Satel Oy’s web pages is followed anonymously with Google Analytics, log files and cookies. User’s personal information is not merged into traffic statistics.

Changing the Privacy Statement: 

We are constantly trying to develop our services and therefore we reserve right to change this privacy statement by notifying us on this page.