SATEL I-LINK 100 is an I/O-converter, intended to be use together with SATEL radio data modems, facilitating transparent transfer of contact information or analog signals from one location to another.

Building your own application is now even easier than before!

With the I-LINK 100 converter and SATEL radio modem you can transfer information on a switch position or the reading of a measuring gauge (analog or digital) from the point of surveillance to the control station and vice versa.

The I-LINK 100 can be used in Point-to-Point or in Point-to-Multipoint mode, for transferring information between a master station and several remote stations. In order to offer even more flexibility, a Modbus compatible version is available too.


Modular Design

SATEL I-LINK 100 has 4 digital I/O ports with built-in relays and 2 analog I/O ports. For further capacity, extension modules equipped with 6 digital I/O ports (I-LINK 300), are available. A maximum of 3 extension modules can be added.

The dedicated SATEL I-LINK PC software for multipoint operating mode facilitates easy system monitoring as well as configuring of the I-LINK 100 parameters to match the system requirements.

Reliable Transmission Secured

Even though the correctness of the data and other messages delivered through SATEL radio modems is technically very well secured, a CR-protocol (Confirmation of Reception) is additionally used to ensure that a control command sent by the supervisor was correctly received by the I-LINK at the controlled object site. The receiving end returns the message automatically to the sender station. In case the message does not match with the original, the I-LINK generates a visible alarm. There is also an output for an external alarm system.

Strong AES256 (AES128 by default) encryption on radio interface increases the data security to your mission-critical connectivity.


Available models and product codes:

  • SATEL I-LINK 100 (YI0007)
  • SATEL I-LINK 100 Modbus compatible version (YI0017)
Interface RS-232 ± 15 Vdc
Analog inputs 4 … 20 mA
Analog outputs 4 … 20 mA
Digital inputs 0 … 35 Vdc
Digital outputs 0 … 250 Vac
Alarm output 0 … 35 Vdc / 30 mA
Indicators ON/OFF, Analog / Digital In / OUT, Alarm
Data speed 2400 … 19200 bps
Size/Weight 123 x 85 x 30 mm / 120 g
Connectors D-15 Modem / Extension units Screw Inputs / Outputs