Receiver Module


SATELLINE-M3-R9 is a frequency hopping spread spectrum receiver module that is, thanks to it’s small size, easy to integrate into a host device. It uses licence free band 902–928 MHz.

SATELLINE-M3-R9 is available without housing in PCB format.

Available model and product code:

  • SATELLINE-M3-R9 (YM7950)



Frequency range  902 … 928 MHz
Spreading method Frequency hopping
Hopping bands 7, user selectable
Hopping patterns 15 per band, 105 total, user selectable
Hopping channels 50–112, user selectable
Sensitivity -109 dBm
Interface CMOS-UART
Data speed Radio / Serial 115200 bps
Vibration tolerance 25 g, up to 2 kHz sinusoidal
Operating voltage +3.5 … 5.5 Vdc
Power consumption 300 mW
Size/Weight 57 x 36 x 6.7 mm / 20 g
Connectors 1.27 mm pitch socket / U.FL