GNSS & Machine control


Managing modern mining

Fleet management systems have become an essential tool in modern mining operations. DATAMATIX Datensysteme GmbH has been developing tailor-made customer-specific hard- and software solutions to vehicles since 2003. Their high-reliability fleet management system for open-pit mines increases production and reduces downtimes. SATEL serial radios are used to guarantee the high level of reliability.

The baseline functionality of real-time position awareness of dump trucks, wheel loaders, excavators, and other vehicle already allows for route optimizations and maximizes productivity capacity per hour. The more detailed real-time information about vehicles is included, the better decisions can be made regarding, for example, repair and maintenance.

DATAMATIX Datensysteme GmbH’s fleet management system Secall-CAN is a scalable solution concerning both fleet size and functionality. Consequently, the system can grow with the mining operation and its increasing demands on new features. It is specially designed for open-pit mining operations and field-proven in central Europe’s largest open-pit mine for many years.



Eliminating failures with SATEL

Secall-CAN is a highly reliable combined hardware/software solution. It does not depend on external networks or cloud services, thanks’ to dedicated data radio SATEL-TR4+, which operates on a licensed frequency and runs all software components on-premises. In a typical configuration with multiple base stations and virtualized server infrastructure, single point of failures is eliminated, guaranteeing high reliability.

The Secall-CAN hardware comes with a truck-specific harness, making its installation remarkably simple. Third-party equipment is integrated according to customer requirements and combined with CAN-bus data for telemetry. With many years of experience in reverse- engineering CAN-bus data, DATAMATIX offers integration of almost any mining equipment.

DATAMATIX customer-specific hard- and software solutions require wireless data links that vary from low-distance UHF-RFID solutions, on-site telemetry/localization to satcom-systems. DATAMATIX also plans radio networks and direct radio links, tackle problems in existing wireless communication systems, investigates interference problems, helps companies with EMC problems, and more.