Machine control


Mowing fairways made autonomous and easy

A Portuguese company TURFLYNX makes mobile robots and information-based solutions for golf courses and other sports fields. They developed the first fully autonomous fairway mower TURFLYNX F315, and SATELLINE-EASy radio modems are used for acquiring location data.

TURFLYNX autonomous electric mower reduces the maintenance workload significantly. It is a cost-effective, silent and environmentally friendly way to modernize the maintenance of golf courses and other sport fields.

With a fully autonomous mower, it is possible to reach up to 80% savings in operational costs. The savings result from reduction of labor costs, energy costs and maintenance costs.

Getting the job done

The golf course maintenance is usually highly labor-intensive. With TURFLYNX F315, the operator´s job gets a lot easier and time is saved for more complex tasks. The operator drives the mower to the fairway and just leaves it there. The mower starts automatically and follows the programmed route.

The mower is able to mow as much as 3.5 hectares on one charge. The mowing pattern and time can be easily set up and managed with an app.

Working connection

TURFLYNX and SATEL were connected – quite literally – in 2015. SATELLINE-EASy radio modems are used in transferring the GPS correction data. The radio modems provide a reliable, compact and flexible solution for data transfer.


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