PD AeroSpace

Suborbital space planes for space tourism.


PD AeroSpace (PDAS) develops suborbital space planes for commercial space tourism and is determined to make space more accessible. SATEL serial radios are used for transmitting critical commands from Ground Control Station to a flying vehicle in a testing site called Spaceport. Pretty cool use case of our radio technology, right?



Space is vast and mostly unknown. Soaring into outer space is full of possibilities, but it will also present difficulties and risks. Taking on those challenges will benefit the humanity immensely. PD Aerospace is a Japanese company with the ambitious goal of making space more accessible for commercial space flights. To achieve this, they are conducting tests on unmanned flying vehicles.


The most reliable technology for critical control commands.

PD AeroSpace uses the SATEL EASy-Proof serial radio for transmitting critical control commands, especially emergency commands, from a Ground Control Station to a flying vehicle. SATEL radios are considered the most reliable means of communication and thus they are dedicated for transmitting emergency control signals. In a test that took place in Shimoji-island in Okinawa Japan SATEL EASy-Proof radio modem was paired to a high gain cross Yagi antenna mounted on an active antenna tracker for a planned long range operation of over 100 kilometer Line-of-Sight (LOS).

The frequency SATEL radios use is suitable for the Special experimental test station licensing scheme of Japan and SATEL EASy-Proof is compliant with the technical standards of Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Other reasons for using SATEL radios are rugged housing, very good receiver sensitivity and reliability in operation.

It is also very important that the radios comply with the RoHS directive, because during the tests there is a risk that the tested device ends up in the sea.

Thank you PDAS for trusting us with your fascinating space mission.

Critical control commands are transmitted from ground to flying vehicles such as
PDAS-X06 UAV with SATEL EASy-Proof serial radio.