Ab Solving Oy

Wireless communications for industrial setting

Ab Solving Oy is specialized in the design and manufacturing of heavy and light load handling systems. They use SATELLINE-EASy radio modems in many of their Automated Guided Vehicles.

Solving AGV systems enable an efficient way of transporting both heavier and lighter materials in production processes and assembly lines. Heavy AGVs handle, for example, large paper rolls, steel coils, engines and vehicles. Smaller AGVs are used for handling various industrial loads and, for instance, medical equipment in hospitals.

– We use SATELLINE-EASy radio modems in the communications between the AGVs and the system control unit. The radio modems transfer orders to the AGV Movers and give their location information to the system operator, says Pekka Joensuu, Sales Manager for Automated Guided Vehicles in Ab Solving Oy.


Robust radios

Solving AGVs are fitted with an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) for fast and easy interaction with the operator. The system is controlled by a fleet manager that can be connected to the client´s WMS or ERP. All servicing points are easily accessible, and the system advises of maintenance requirements.

– SATEL radio modems represent robust technology that is perfect for wireless data transfer in industrial setting, Joensuu praises.

The benefits of Solving AGV include efficient 24-hour operation and secure and precise handling of loads in a safe working environment. Unmanned operations mean less monotonous work for employees and reduced labor cost. Productivity rises, the delivery performance is better and both employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction increase.




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