At the core of the SATEL XPRS solution:

SATEL XPRS radio router, FSK modulation



SATEL XPRS radio router is designed for serial data connectivity in mission-critical applications. It is a part of SATEL XPRS solution for applications requiring long-range connections, high reliability and independence of network. It also provides an excellent technology for back-up routing: the intelligence to automatic switchover is included.

The SATEL XPRS radio router can be used as a serial data radio modem and as a repeater in packet routing networks. When central unit is added to the radio unit, full TCP/IP functionality is obtained. The SATEL XPRS IP radio router consists of two separate modules; a radio unit and a central unit. The central unit together with the radio unit is typically used in a network as a master station or in locations where Ethernet connectivity is needed.

For radio router stations, the central unit is not necessary. SATEL XPRS radio router can be used in stations where a standard RS-connection is sufficient. The radio unit can operate as a transparent radio link; essentially replacing a wire with classic RS-232 based protocol. Various network topologies, from a simple point-to-point link to long-range point-to-multipoint systems with multiple repeaters, are available with the radio unit.


SATEL XPRS radio router’s benefits include
  • Meets the mission critical connectivity requirements: high availability, long-range connectivity, easy and error-free deployment
  • Integrated serial networking support and conversions
  • Configuration is easy with NETCO, centralized configuration software
  • Supreme reliability
  • Cyber security: data encryption according to AES-128/AES-256 standards, built-in firewall, user authentication, secure browser access


Model and product code:



SATEL offers a wide range of accessories for the products, see here.

Frequency range FSK: 360…485 MHz
Tuning range 45 MHz
Channel width FSK:12.5, 25, 150 kHz (software selectable)

Frequencies with 6.25 kHz channel spacing

Sensitivity/Carrier power See the brochure
Interface RS-232, RS-422/485
Data speed FSK: 230 kbps@150 kHz
Operating voltage range +12.5 … +25 Vdc (-15% / +20%)
Power consumption See the brochure
Size/Weight 130 x 55.5 x 76.5 / 680 g
CRS-9 (YC0201) Length 2 meters, with D9 male / D9 female connectors
CRS-9M (YC0203) Length 2 meters, with D9 male / D9 male
RJ45, CAT6 (YC0750) Length 1, 3 or 10 m cable
CRS-Y (YC0500) Length 1.5 meters, with D9 male / 2 x D9 female connectors from Master modem to user system and NMS PC
CRS-KU4 (YC0290) Length 1 meter, with D9 male / RJ45 from radio router to KU40 / KU52 products
CRF-1 (YC1101) RG58, lenght 1 meter with TNC male / TNC female -connectors
CRF-5F (YC1105) /
CRF-5M (YC1106)
RG-58, lenght 5 meter with TNC male / TNC female -connectors OR CRF-5M TNC male / TNC male -connectors
CRF-50 (YC1150) Length 50 cm cable TNC male / TNC male from band-pass filter to radio
ECOFLEX10 (YC1004) Low loss (0.9 dB / 10 m) cable for cable lengths over 20 meter with N or TNC -connectors
ECOFLEX15 (YC1005) Low loss (0.6 dB / 10 m) cable for cable lengths over 20 meter with N -connectors
Antennas Halfwave, quarter wave, Helix, directional and omnidirectional antennas
PS-DIN-2 (YP0118) Power supply for DIN-rail, Input 100–240 Vac / Output 24 Vdc / 2.5 A, size 78 x 93 x 56 mm
A-AC (YP0115) Power supply for tabletop or wall mount usage, Input 100–240 Vac /
Output 15 Vdc / 4.6 A
SATELLAR-PWR (YC0330) Power cable, 1.5 m, 2.5 A fuse