SATELLINE-M3-TR3 is a UHF data transceiver module in a lightweight single PCB structure. It is designed to be integrated into a host device, for instance for transfer of GNSS correction data in a land surveying rover or RTK base station. 1W output power in conjunction with a very sensitive receiver is the guarantee of a reliable data connection.

The configuration can be done by using the SATEL SL-commands or SATEL Configuration Manager software.

Wide tuning range and selectable channel width

  • 70 MHz tuning range (403…473 MHz)
  • Selectable channel width 12.5 and 25 kHz
  • AES128-bit encryption available for secure transmission
  • Low power consumption
  • Supplied without a housing in PCB format with RF-shielding, facilitating installation into the customer’s own housing or into a host device

SATELLINE-M3-TR3 is compatible with widely used SATELLINE-EASy radio modems and also with other manufacturers’ radio protocols (Pacific Crest-4FSK, -GMSK, -FST).

Fits for your needs

Please contact manufacturer to have information on available interface and antenna connector options.

The module can be manufactured with an AES128 encryption support on the air interface to ensure the privacy.

Models and product codes:

  • SATELLINE-M3-TR3 (YM7000)
  • SATELLINE-M3-TR3 without AES128 encryption (YM7100)
Frequency range 403 … 473 MHz
Tuning range 70 MHz
Channel spacing 6.25*), 12.5, 20*) and 25 kHz, software selectable

*)uses 12.5 kHz channel width

Sensitivity/Carrier power -116 dBm / 1 W
Interface CMOS / UART
Data speed Radio 19200 bps / Serial 115200
Operating voltage +4 Vdc
Power consumption RX 0.73 W / TX 4.7 W
Size/Weight 57 x 36 x 6.9 mm / 18 g
Connectors 1.27 mm pitch socket / U.FL