22nd Feb 2019

A simple solution for I/O and serial communications

The SATEL-LP product family is an easy, reliable and cost-effective solution for simple I/O and serial communications. It is well-suited for various monitoring and remote-control applications, for example, in cement industry, metal industry, process technology, mining, power engineering, CHP systems, water and waste water, and oil and gas industry.

The software-free radio setup makes it perfect for locations where it is too expensive or impossible to run a wire. There are three frequency ranges available: 2.4 GHz, 869 MHz and 900 MHz.

SATEL-LP I/O modules offer direct connection of digital and analogues signals to the SATEL-LP radio modules.

SATEL-LP series has three >wireless modes of operation: 

  • Wire-in – Wire-out: Maps I/O in p-to-p and p-to-mp communication via wireless without the need for an additional controller or software.
  • Wireless I/O to Modbus<: Collects inputs and outputs directly at SATEL-LP radio modules using the I/O-modules. Inputs and outputs are addressed via Modbus without the need for additional RTU or PLC devices.
  • Wireless serial: Provides RS-232 and RS-485 connection between serial end devices, PLCs and RTUs reliably.

I/O modules are hot-swappable and up to 32 modules can be added to one SATEL-LP radio module. Mesh networks with up to 250 nodes are possible.

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