SATELLINE-EASy Pro is an IP67 classified UHF radio modem with a high power transmitter, a wide 70 MHz tuning range and selectable channel spacing. It is particularly well suited for outdoor use under varying weather conditions, e.g. land surveying. Due to the high transmitting power, connection distances of up to 80 kilometers can be covered.


Heavy-duty tool for outdoor use

According to the IP67 standard, the casing and connectors of the SATELLINE-EASy Pro are waterproof and secured against dust. The radio modem is equipped with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), used to indicate the current operating status (frequency, channel number, power level, voltage level, field strength), as well as for changing the setups of the radio modem.

  • High 25 or 35W output power
  • Wide 70 MHz tuning range (403 … 473 MHz)
  • Selectable channel spacing 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz
  • IP67 classified housing
  • Model with AES128 encryption support available


Reliable data transfer

In the SATELLINE-EASy Pro the error rate is minimized by means of advance checking and correction of the data packets. In Forward Error Correction (FEC), the data packets are split in several blocks. The radio modem adds correction information inside the blocks during transmission.

In this radio network any substation can function as a repeater. In this operating mode (store and forward), the radio modem receives a message, buffers the received data, and transmits it to another substation, using the same radio channel as in reception.

SATELLINE-EASy Pro features embedded Message Routing software, which takes care of routing messages across a radio modem network automatically after proper settings have been made. Communication is completely transparent, which makes Message Routing directly compatible with most user protocols.


Flexible and cost-efficient choice

SATELLINE radio modem networks are flexible, easy to expand and they can cover a wide variety of solutions from simple point-to-point connections to large networks consisting of hundreds of modems. Setting up a local data transfer network is quick and cost effective.

SATELLINE-EASy Pro is compatible with other SATELLINE-EASy modems and also modules.


Available models and product codes:

  • SATELLINE-EASy Pro (YM6803), by default with 35W output power
  • SATELLINE-EASy Pro with AES128 encryption support (YM6813)
  • 25W limited output power version as an order option


SATEL offers a wide range of accessories for the products, see here.

Frequency range 403 … 473 MHz
Tuning range 70 MHz
Channel spacing 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz software selectable
Sensitivity/Carrier power -114 dBm / 25 W or 35 W
Interface RS-232
Data speed Radio 19200 / RS 38400 bps
Operating voltage +10.6 … +13.3 Vdc (-15% / +20%) (≥ +12 Vdc @ 35 W)
Power consumption RX 1.8 W / TX 120W (with 35W output power)
Size/Weight 189 x 138 x 71mm with connectors / 1420 g
Connectors 8-pin ODU / TNC f / 4-pin ODU
CRF-1 (YC1101) RG58, lenght 1 meter with TNC male / TNC female -connectors
CRF-5F (YC1105) /
CRF-5M (YC1106)
RG-58, lenght 5 meter with TNC male / TNC female -connectors OR CRF-5M TNC male / TNC male -connectors
CRF-50 (YC1150) Length 50 cm with TNC male / TNC male from band-pass filter to radio
ECOFLEX10 (YC1004) Low loss (0.9 dB / 10 m) cable for cable lengths upto 20 meter with N or TNC -connectors
ECOFLEX15 (YC1005) Low loss (0.6 dB / 10 m) cable for cable lengths over 20 meter with N -connectors
CRS-35W 8-pin (YC0368) 2 m cable ODU 8-pin male / D9 female
CRS-35W 8-/7-pin (YC0369) 2 m cable ODU 8-pin male / 7-pin male
CRS-35W 8-/8-pin (YC0359) 2 m cable ODU 8-pin male / 8-pin male
CRS-35W 8-/8-pin (0/30) (YC0374) 2 m cable 8-pin male (0 deg) / 8-pin male (30 deg)
Antennas Half Wave, Quarter Wave, Helix, Directional and Omnidirectional Antennas
Power Adapter 150W (YP0150) Input 100–240 Vac / Output 12 Vdc / 12.5 A
Mains Cable C-M (YC0904) With Europlug for YP0150
C-P-35W 2m (YC0355) Power cable 2 m, ODU 4-pin male / 4 mm lab plugs
C-P-35W 3m (YC0353) Power cable 3 m, ODU 4-pin male / Alligator clip
C-P-SAE 35W-4pin (YC0352) Power cable 2m, ODU 4-pin male / SAE connector
PROG-35W 8-pin (YC0363) 2 m, ODU 8-pin male / D9 female, for programming