Nokia Waterworks

A step-by-step renewal of the water network


Nokia Waterworks is one of SATEL’s hundreds of Finnish waterworks customers. In Nokia the water management data transfer network is being built and developed with a long-term perspective. Different generations of equipment operate together, allowing the network to be renewed one part at a time.

Nokia is a town in the Pirkanmaa region in southern Finland. Nokia Waterworks has around 6,000 connected customers, representing around 90% of properties. In addition to residential customers, the largest water users include a spa hotel, a hospital, a tissue paper mill and other industry.

The length of the water mains network is around 270 km. On average a total of 2,050,000 m3 of household water is pumped into the water mains network. The length of the wastewater sewer network is around 230 km and the length of storm water sewer network 120 km. The Kullaanvuori wastewater treatment plant treats a total of 3,700,000 m3 of wastewater per year and the Siuro wastewater treatment plant 300,000 m3.

SATEL casestory Nokia Water


Reliability, efficiency and low operating costs

SATEL radio modems have been used in Nokia Waterworks since the 1990s in remote monitoring and control at various locations. The network currently has around 50 substations and four receiving stations. The shortest interval between stations is around 300 m and the longest around 6 km.

Thanks to the private radio modem technology, Nokia Waterworks has the total control of the network in its own hands. SATEL radio modems were chosen because of their reliability and inexpensive operating costs. Pros also include efficient analysis and configuration tools, and good training in their use are.


Remote monitoring and control

Productivity at the waterworks is improving, because the maximum ratings of plants and equipment can be reduced with a direct impact on operating costs.

With the aid of automation systems, operations at water intake plants, the central waterworks, the water mains and wastewater sewer networks, and wastewater pumping plants are monitored and controlled. Connecting new equipment into the remote monitoring and control system will be easy in future.

Operations Engineer Matti Tamski says that the installation of the radio modem network has been straightforward and that SATEL radio modems have proved themselves to be an excellent choice in network monitoring. When complete, the radio network will have more than 60 stations, covering the whole of the Nokia Waterworks’ area.

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