The pressure differences in the district heating network need to be adjusted based on reliable measurement data. SATEL-LP8 modules, for example, have proven to match really well with Vapo’s needs.

Reliable data transfer

Pressure measuring and usually also temperature measuring is set to certain points in the district heating network both in the supply and return pipes. The distances between measuring points vary according to the networks length. They can be
everything from one kilometre or over ten kilometres.

SATEL-LP8 modules transfer the measurement data (4–20 mA) to the power plant where it is connected to the automation system and the pressure difference is calculated. Then the network is adjusted according to this.

The process brings significant cost savings. Unnecessary pumping in the district heating network can be avoided while still guaranteeing the sufficiency of heat also in the farthest parts of the network.

Simple wireless solution

The SATEL-LP product family is designed for simple I/O and serial communications. It is a cost-effective, reliable and secure wireless solution.

With SATEL-LP system it is easy to create point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or large mesh networks up to 250 nodes. The commissioning can be done without any programming via the thumb wheel.

SATEL-LP modules have an IECEx Certificate, which means that they can be used in potentially explosive environments. Products with IECEx Certificate are accepted in several countries globally.

SATEL at your service

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