Cameras ready? We are going live!


Videosys Broadcast Ltd provides camera control systems and broadcast RF transmission for live broadcast events such as sports, concerts, and live studio shows. They use SATEL’s radio modules in transmitting data for camera control.

Videosys Broadcast is a supplier of quality camera control systems, RF links and camera backs to broadcast companies. Their systems help their clients manage complex live events and enable them to offer their viewers a high quality experience. The camera control system is comprised of three units: an indoor unit (IDU), an outdoor unit (ODU) and a camera receiver (CCRX). They use radio technology in data transmission.



– We need a system that allows us to transmit our protocol data from one module (ODU, outdoor module) to another (IDU, indoor module), and so enable camera control for outside broadcast vans. We have always found SATEL reliable and they provide constant technology updates, says Sales and Marketing Director Andrew Pons from Videosys Broadcast.

Videosys Broadcast uses SATEL radio modules, transceiver and receiver only models, in their systems.

– We transmit RF data for camera control via RS232 and RS485 interfaces. We have two stations per camera control system.

Partners of Videosys include technology companies such as Grass Valley, Ikegami, Panasonic, Hitachi and ARRI.