Leica Geosystems and machine control

Inside the  Leica iCON gps 80 GNSS machine receiver is a Satel radio module providing the needed accuracy and communication reliability to the equipment. Satel modules’ identical form factor and pin outs ease the production by offering easily swappable modules to the device manufacturers. Wide type approvals and consistent quality make Satel modules an easy solution for all who require reliable communications to their devices.

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Thanks to Satel’s expertise and reliable data transmission solutions, Turkish Bursagaz can guarantee uninterrupted gas supply to its customers every day. The radio modem based wireless communication system operates independently of any commercial network operators. This means that Bursagaz is the owner of the data network and has full control and exclusive access to the network.

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Viking Grace

The world’s first LNG powered passenger vessel uses radio modems for data transferring. Strict time schedules in the passenger vessel transportation give zero tolerance for errors. Data transfer based on a private network ensures the functionality and provides stability that are required in the daily procedures of the shipping trade.​

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VR Track Oy

VR Track Oy needs reliable data transfer equipment to send GNSS correction data in its surveying work. VR Track Oy chose Satel Radio modems, because in addition to extreme precision and functional reliability, data transfer doesn’t require any commercial operator and they can have full control over their own data communication all the time.

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Parking in Bolzano

In Bolzano, a medium-sized town in Italian Tyrol, the parking place displays in 15 parking areas have been equipped with SATELLINE radio modems. Another SATELLINE, located on top of the building of the Parking Control Centre, polls the parking area displays, and transfers the information on vacant parking places to 15 traffic service displays mounted at selected locations along the downtown access routes.

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